Session I: Preconditions for efficient return

23 October 2018

While efficient return of TCNs who have no legal basis to stay in the EU is a basis for a legitimate immigration policy, EU in general has not been able to increase the efficiency of return system as quickly as planned. Within the overall context of the conference, this session provides a perspective of the EU and its Member States as well as third countries on how to make return policy more efficient and sustainable in future.

Some of the questions addressed include:
♦ What are the strategies and policies in place in the field of cooperation between the EU and third countries in returning TCNs?
♦ How big should be Member States’ role compared to the EU’s role in devising return policy and implementing returns?
♦ What have been the key obstacles to increase return rates?
♦ What have been the key good practices that could be shared more broadly?
♦ What are the key considerations that should inform the development of more efficient policy in returning TCNs?
♦ What could be the “out of the box” solutions, which could be implemented?

Session Facilitator:
Egert Belitšev, Police and Border Guard Board (Estonia)

Tatiana Kistruga, EMN Service Provider
Lotje van der Made, Head of Pre-Return Assistance Sector, European Centre for Returns, European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex)
Michael Popp, European Migration Liaison Officer, Delegation of the EU to Pakistan
Giorgi Grigalashvili,
Initiator of the Georgian Readmission Case Management System, former Deputy Director of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs