Panel Discussion II: How to make return and reintegration more appealing to third countries and TCNs?

23 October 2018

The EU’s goal is to significantly increase the number and rate of returns and readmissions. Cooperation with third countries and TCNs is substantial to successful return policy and raising return rates from the EU. As announced in the 2015 Action Plan on Return, the European Union has significantly increased its engagement with the main countries of origin, both in Africa and Asia. However, not always is collaboration granted. In this session, obstacles to more successful returns are discussed from the point of view of countries of return/origin as well as from the perspectives of European Commission and Member States. Measures such as formal Readmission Agreements as well as Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) are discussed. Importantly, positive as well as negative incentives for improving collaboration in this field are addressed.

Some of the questions addressed include:

♦ What could be the key policy and practical reasons why has collaboration between the EU, Member States and third countries not been as efficient as expected in the field of return and readmission?
♦ What could be the reasons why third countries sometimes fail to readmit their citizens?
♦ Are SOPs the way forward or should EU/Member States aim for more formal foreign agreements?
♦ What would be the most promising positive and negative incentives (e.g. regarding visa policy and development aid) to enhance collaboration?

Session Facilitator:
Dr Ave Lauren, EMN Estonia

Michael Popp
, Delegation of the EU to Pakistan
Amb. Lawal Hamidu
Magnus Ovilius, European Commission
Laurence Hunzinger, IOM