Strand II – Foreign Employees

This workshop strand focuses on the topic of attracting and retaining foreign employees in the EU. It is aimed at employers, human resources experts and policy makers. Speakers include experts from Future Place Leadership, Copenhagen Capacity, Big Bank and Deloitte.

Session I: Attracting foreign employees

The first session of this strand looks at attracting and recruiting foreign specialists, exploring what is being done today and what else could be done in the future. As the global race for talent is speeding up and the private sector is paying more and more attention to finding the right talent, it is important for employers and policy makers alike to review the current practices in place and to discuss how to best improve the status quo. Experts will shed light on the latest trends and different examples of talent attraction practices across the EU: how are governments supporting these activities, what are companies doing themselves and what kind of co-operation between private and public sector is taking place to improve the talent attractiveness of regions? This session is organized by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Work in Estonia (Enterprise Estonia)

Session II: Retaining foreign employees

The second session focuses on the necessary conditions for foreign employees to thrive in Estonia and the EU, more specifically at the workplace. The onboarding of critical talent is essential to ensure assignment success. This workshop will allow us to explore concepts such as the global mind-set and the criticality of ensuring a positive experience for both the employee and their accompanying family. The session will be facilitated by Deloitte’s subject-matter experts from London, who will look to provide the right balance of a global versus local view by sharing their external perspectives and market trends throughout. The session will be in a workshop format which aims to be both informative and interactive to facilitate energy, drive solutions and encourage discussion. This session is organized by Deloitte.



Day IIWorkshop Strand II
08:00—08:45Registration and networking
08:45—09:05“Experiences and practices of EU MS in talent attraction”
SPEAKER: Pärtel-Peeter Pere, Future Place Leadership

Pärtel-Peeter will share his expertise on Talent Attraction Management and what these initiatives are in the EU. Ranging from different country examples, he will share his thoughts on the current and future trends of talent policies across the EU.
09:05—09:25“Learning from experience: The case of Big Bank in foreign recruitment”
SPEAKER: Agne Sokolov, Big Bank

Agne will discuss how a company manages foreign recruitment and what this means in practical terms. Lessons learned, good and bad ones, are important input to develop talent attraction policies.
09:25—09:45“Private-public cooperation in talent management: Copenhagen Capacity”
SPEAKER: Nikolaj Lubanski, Copanhagen Capacity

Nikolaj will shed light on how Denmark takes the lead in innovating Talent Management, where different cooperations between private and public sector take place.
09:45—10:05Work in groups
10:05—10:15Workshop Session I conclusions
10:15—10:35Coffee break
10:35—12:05Workshop II: Retaining foreign employees
The participants of the workshop will get the answers to the following questions:

The Mega and HR Trends
What are the key trends in geopolitics and how does urbanisation influence labour migration? What are the trends driving the future of jobs, and the forces shaping the future workplace and the global human capital trends that reflect the changes in the world of business.

The Estonian Perspective
What describes the international workforce in Estonia? What are the advantages and challenges for foreigners to come to work in Estonia and how does the Estonian government and companies themselves support the foreign talent?

Mobility and Global Workforce
What are the main global workforce trends and how are organisations attracting, engaging, motivating and retaining their talent? What are organisations compensation/reward strategies for retaining talent?

Andrew Robb, Partner, Deloitte UK
Beth Warner, Associate Director, Deloitte UK
Siiri Sutt, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Estonia
12:25—12:40Workshop conclusions
12:40—12:50Closing remarks