Strand I – Foreign Students

This workshop focuses on the topic of attracting and retaining foreign students in Estonia and the European Union more broadly. It is primarily aimed at policy makers, universities, students as well as employers. Strand is organized by Archimedes Foundation, Tallinn University and the European Migration Network. Speakers include representatives of the European Commission, CampusFrance, ICF/EMN and other institutions.

Session I: Attracting foreign students

Top universities in Europe and elsewhere have always attracted the world’s best talent, benefitting and driving innovation in their respective countries. In recent years, however, an ever-increasing number of universities in Europe seek to attract international students from Asia, Africa and the Americas. In parallel, EU Member States and many European institutions are also working on several comprehensive strategies to enhance the attractiveness of Europe’s higher education landscape. This session will give an overview of the priorities of the European Commission on student migration, introduce a case study on higher education internationalization activities from France, and offer an insight into the perspective of foreign students on the move. The session is moderated by Eero Loonurm, Head of Communication Department at Archimedes Foundation.

Session II: Retaining foreign students

The goal, however, should not be simply attracting foreign students to the EU, but also incorporating them into the labour market after they graduate. Foreign students are one of the best, yet largely untapped and unknown pools of talent for employees and start-up entrepreneurs and only a fraction of them remain in the Member State where they completed their studies. This prompts a number of questions: What are Member States currently doing to retain them? What are the legal, barriers to unleashing their full potential in Europe? Which organisations take action to keep them here? Those questions are the focus of the EMN/ICF presentation. Participants of this session are also given an overview of the Dutch and Estonian national approaches to foreign student retention. This workshop is a platform for sharing best practices and inspiring Member States that are only taking their first steps in international student retention. The session is moderated by Hans Lemmens, Coordinator of the National Contact Point of the Netherlands for the EMN.



Day IIWorkshop Strand I
08:00—08:45Registration and networking
08:45—08:50Introduction to the Workshop
08:50—09:15“Changes in the EU directive 2016/801 regarding attracting and retaining students from the Third Countries,” Laura Corrado, Head of the Legal Migration and Integration Unit, DG HOME, European Commission
09:15—09:55“Higher education promotion activities in France,” Johanna Hellwig, Chief of Projects, European Projects Services in Campus France
09:55—10:15“Talent's perspective: Motivations in choosing a foreign country for studying, and the reasons for staying there/moving on/moving back,” Hakan Karaoglu, International Communication and Marketing Coordinator at Tallinn University of Technology
10:15—10:35Coffee break
10:35—10:40Introduction to the workshop
10:40—11:00“The state of TCN student retention in the EU: Statistics, legal incentives and coordination of retention policies in the Member States,” Norma Rose, Junior Consultant at EMN/ICF
11:00—11:20“The Estonian national approach to student retention,” Raul Ranne, Head of Higher Education Unit at Archimedes Foundation
11:20—11:45“The Dutch national approach to student retention,” Karen de Man, Communications Advisor, Holland Alumni Network at Nuffic
11:45—12:05Work in groups: Opportunities and challenges in building solid student retention policies
12:25—12:40Workshop conclusions
12:40—12:50Closing remarks