Session II: Member State Practices in the EU: Competitors or Collaborators?

21 September 2017
Session II focuses on policy frameworks in place at national and regional levels to facilitate talent migration. In recent years, Member States (MS) have been actively reforming national immigration policies and city-regions are investing in themselves and introducing new incentives in hopes of becoming more attractive to global talent. Speakers from a range of governmental and business promotion agencies explore two broad topics:
  • What are EU MS and regions currently doing to attract foreign talents?
  • Are regions and MS competing with each other or could they collaborate in facilitating talent mobility?
  • Ruth Annus, Head of Migration and Border Policy Department, Ministry of the Interior, Estonia
  • Barbara Hess, Expert at Migration and Integration Research Section, Federal Office of Migration and Refugees (BAMF), Germany
  • Nikolaj Lubanski, Director of Talent Attraction, Copenhagen Capacity, Denmark
  • Yvonne van Hest, Program Director of Brainport Development, the Netherlands