604Revoking Citizenship on Account of Involvement in Acts of Terrorism or Other Serious Crimes
597Collecting biometric data when applying for a long-stay visa at the consulate
557Accommodation requirements for short-stay visa
490Processing Times and Service Standards for Visas
480Visa issuance procedure
449Visa Fee Exceptions related to Visa Facilitation Agreements
440procedure for verification the possession of an airport transit visa by nationals of certain third countries
383Extension of stay for visa-free travellers
380Handling of visa applications of persons who have already entered the Schengen area
356Validity of the long term visa (D visa)
344Issuing of visa to family members of EU Citizens
281Member States’ categorisation of National Visas
237Transit without visas
231Issuance of visas to children who do not have their own travel documents
204The number of short-stay visa during the period 2005-2009
199Consequences of the lifting of visa obligation for FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia on December, 19