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Practical application of the provision on the accelerated procedure in the readmission agreements
with third countries
708"Fit-to-fly" declarations
686Removals by air of illegally staying third-country nationals
682Asylum proceeding and returns to Somalia
679Forced return to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
676Support to apprehended foreigners for whom detention is not applicable
667Target groups and implementation of return measures under AMIF
666Use of escort missions (on commercial flights) other than the own police escorts
659Concept of safe country of origin in relation to Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina
650Obtaining a new travel document for irregular third-country national for return procedure
681Costs of the issue and the execution of the decision on return
661Return of third country nationals to other reception countries
631Detention and removal of minors
624Accommodation for and detention of former asylum seekers failing to comply with a return decision
615Safe countries of origin and safe third countries
614Administrative proceeding preceding voluntary return
607Expulsion definition of manifestly unfounded as related to directive 2008/115/EC
596Returns of rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq and Nigeria
595Strengthening readmission and sustainable reintegration in Kosovo
571Returns of rejected asylum seekers to North Darfur and Somalia
564Issuing an entry ban for a person residing abroad
563Voluntary return counselling
556Number of forced returns to Morocco and Algeria in 2013
555Systematic knowledge about the experience of failed asylum seekers who are returned by force
553Returns of rejected asylum seekers to the Democratic Republic of the Congo
538Returns of rejected asylum seekers to Iran
526Voluntary return policy
524Strengthening readmission and sustainable reintegration in Kosovo
517Organisation for return of TCN’s from Afghanistan, Algeria and Morocco
515Control mechanism on voluntary departures of TCN, counting of the time period of entry bans
510Period of entry ban
499Return Directive (2008/115/EC) Article 15(6) extension of period for voluntary departure upon specific circumstances
487Public opposition against the enforcement of returns
483First experiences with the use of the visa information system (VIS) for return purposes
481Removal policies towards third-country nationals found to be illegally present
476Unescorted forced removals
463Forced return to Uzbekistan
462Legal assistance in detention centres
459Return directive (2008/115/EC) article 3(7) objective criteria for the 'risk of absconding'
447Responsibility of education institutions for covering the costs of administrative expulsion and/or detention
439Return of Unaccompanied Minors (UAM)
415Readmission of third-country nationals
406(Possible) use of biometrics and videoconferences in the return (identification) process of irregular migrants
401Return of Palestinians to Gaza and/or the West Bank
382Access to cell phones in detention pending deportation
371Dissemination of information on assisted voluntary return programmes (during the asylum procedure)
362Return Policy to Turkey
355Age limit for capacity to perform legal acts for the purpose of administrative expulsion and detention/a>
332Detention of families with minors
327Return policy to Afghanistan
325Return practises regarding Syria
321Payment of the costs associated with (administrative) expulsion
320National practice in the field of acceptance of return decision made by another member state
319Facilities for detention of a third-country national who is the subject of return procedures and asylum seekers
311Compulsory execution of precept to leave
305Special Judges or Procedures for Alien Cases
300Forced Return/Removal of Citizens of Morocco, Algeria, Gambia, Ghana, India, Liberia, People’s Republic of China
296Use of language analyses in the removal process
292Expulsions to Libya
264Returns to Egypt
256Return of Pakistani nationals
254EU Laissez-Passer
244Productive return
240Return Policy to Eritrea
235Family returns and alternatives to detention
217Agreements on the re-admission of irregular immigrants signed with Vietnam
194Removal orders for illegally residing third-country nationals
192Return policy concerning Chechen and Ingushetian asylum applicants from Russia
191Pronouncement of undesirability
183Payment of back wages to foreign illegal workers returned to their countries of origin
178Return practices of persons with doubtful origin
160Returns of the unsuccessful asylum seekers from Democratic Republic of Congo
155Assisted returns to the country of origin of the illegal aliens and the controls of the employers of illegal aliens
146Co-operation with Iraq on the issuance of the travel documents (laissez-passer)
135Voluntary return of non EEA foreign national prisoners (FNPs)