Rahvusvaheline kaitse

1045Recent practice regarding asylum seekers from Burundi
1016Recognition of academic and professional qualification of beneficiaries of international protection
1011Right of residence provided for third country nationals to whom international protection application has been rejected
1009Palestinians from Lebanon
Resettlement Programmes (2)
Travel documents issued to family members of refugees or other beneficiaries of international protection who do not hold travel documents
Asylum seekers from Afghanistan
Abuses in requests for asylum
Effective remedies regarding a refusal to accept subsequent applications from unsuccessful asylum applicants
Type of status in relocation/resettlement schemes
731Asylum seekers from Iraq
717Organization of Reception Centers
712Interpretation of the Article 8 paragraph 2 of the Directive 2011/95/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 December 2011 (recast Qualification Directive)
699Reconsidering protection needs
693Subsequent asylum applications and re-opened cases
682Asylum proceeding and returns to Somalia
675Recognition of stateless persons
663Support projects for applicants for international protection
660Syrian child brides in the asylum procedure
659Concept of safe country of origin in relation to Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina
654Concept of safe country of origin in relation to Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina
561Access to the labour market for asylum seekers
Allowances for asylum seekers
Access to the labour market for asylum seekers
641Dublin procedure in relation to the asylum procedure
639Subsidiary protection
638Risk to national security in resettlement context
636Detention of asylum applicants at the border
635Application of article 1F of the Refugee convention in Syrian asylum cases
633Assessment of authenticity of documents submitted by asylum seekers from Bangladesh
627Resettlement financing
620Forecasting and Contingency Planning Arrangements for International Protection Applicants
619Objective criteria to identify risk of absconding in the context of reception directive art 8 (recast) and Dublin regulation no 604/2013 art 28 (2)
617Uniform international protection status
616Violation of rules in reception centres/asylum facilities
608Return of failed asylum seekers from North Korea to South Korea
600Visa regime for the family members of recognized refugees in Ireland
598Recent migration patterns and channels of inflow of refugee applicants in EU
592Dublin procedure in relation to the asylum procedure
590Detention in Dublin III cases (Regulation EU No 604/2013)
588EURODAC Fingerprinting
587Recognition of identification documents issued by Somalia nationals
586Searching of COI for asylum procedures
585Using video-recordings as the evidence in the asylum procedures
582Article 36 of the Directive 2013/32/EU
575Revocation of Status for Women from Afghanistan
574Practice concerning applicants for international protection from Eritrea
552State authorities representing migrants’ rights
534Policies for family members of beneficiaries of international protection
533Sovereignty Clause in Dublin procedur
532Female Genital Mutilation (update)
531Implementation of the Dublin regulation
522Right of Recognised Refugees to travel in EU
520Asylum decisions and residence permits for applicants from Syria and stateless persons
516Internal Rules in Reception Facilities
512Article 35 (2) (a) of the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees
504Regime of movement in reception and transit centres
503Asylum Seekers from the Russian Federation
501Experiences in implementing the UN Conventions on Statelessness
494Asylum seekers from Iraq
489Article 29 of the Qualification Directive (2011/95/EU)
487Asylum seekers from northern Mali
483Access to detention centres
460Allocation of refugees to municipalities for integration purposes
458Asylum support rates
457Detention of asylum seekers
450Access to the labour market for asylum seekers
434Asylum proceeding and returns to Somalia
424Expenditure of asylum system
432The role of police in the initial phase of asylum proceedings
419Early legal advice for asylum seekers
347Asylum Seekers from Somalia