Prevention and information campaigns for transport companies and truck drivers
701Detection of misuse of EU/EFTA identity documents
652Biometric passports issued by Somalia
628Registering entry bans in the SIS
622Legal situation of a foreigner to whom the border procedure has been applied and as a result of
which s/he was refused any form of protection
612Penalties for unauthorised border crossings by Third Country nationals
606Definition of “border traffic” referred to in art. 26 par. 3 of the CISA
588EURODAC Fingerprinting
551Effective appeals against entry refusal decisions (borders)
535Fingerprint biometry and facial image in identity documents
527Obligation of non-air carriers to transmit passenger data
505Procedures for entering foreigner’s data into the Schengen Information System
506Period of validity of travel and biometric documents
498Travel documents for new-born baby (TCN)
496Biometric data devices