1019Use of biometrics to reveal false identity
Palestinians from Lebanon
709Fees for citizenship application
684Citizenship status of persons from Western Sahara (Sahrawi citizens)
677Palestinian’s characterization as "stateless"
669Exceptions to an obligation to be released from the old citizenship before acquiring a new one
665Sanctions for holders of an asylum residence permit in case of (proven) identity fraud
651Sanctions for holders of an asylum residence permit in case of (proven) identity fraud
646Implementation of AMIF partnership principle
634National implementation of CJEU case law on the EEC-Turkey Association Agreement
625Ministry or Ministries responsible for citizenship, legal migration and international protection
Ratification of ILO Domestic Workers Convention concerning irregular migrant domestic workers
623Framing of migration in the media
610Revocation of citizenship on the basis of voluntary military service in a foreign country
601Strategic plan for migrations
592The Dublin procedure in relation to the asylum procedure
584The level of cooperation between police and immigration officials
583Criminal law and foreign citizens
579Applications of Ukraine nationals for other types of protection than international/subsidiary
578Travel documents issued to Ukraine nationals of Crimea after annexation by the Russian Federation
567TCN ship crewmembers
547Main national case law regarding EU directives on legal migration
545EC SOLID funds and evaluation
536Issues related to care orders
521Registration certificate
519Control of foreign nationals
507Control and verification of biometric data of biometric documents
448Protection of TCNs religious freedom
437Medical examination requirements for third-country nationals
427The use of Eurostat figures in national publications