Access to the labour market for asylum seekers
Ratification of ILO Domestic Workers Convention concerning irregular migrant domestic workers
Costs of labour market_activation of refugees
694Bilateral_agreements or other frameworks of cooperation with the non-EU/non-EFTA countries
Policies for start-up businesses from outside the EU
674National criteria for employers of labour migrants from the third countries
576Policies for circular migration and temporary labour migration schemes
565Requirements for operating a business activity
554Pre-departure campaigns to attract third-country nationals
TCN ship crewmembers
544Applicable fees for residence permits
Penalties and sanctions for employing illegal workers
529Council Directive 2009/50/EC of 25 May 2009 on the conditions of entry and residence of third country nationals for the purposes of highly qualified employment (EU_blue_card_directive)
Sanctions on illegal working
525Ethical treatment of third country health workers
508Regulatory framework to control inflow of foreign workers
502Holders of EU blue card:registration_and distinction of first issue and change of status
465Issuing European Union Blue Cards to third country nationals
461Temporary work agencies
430Migration from/to the Russian Federation
395Migration trends to Germany in 2011
388Establishing a complex monitoring system of the factual employment of third-country nationals in the EU Member States
310Accommodation conditions for seasonal workers
309Management procedures for hiring seasonal workers in the country of origin for consecutive seasons
271Recognition of professional qualifications obtained outside the European Union
236Employment and work of aliens
218Skilled immigration
208Seasonal workers and intra-corporate transferees (ICTs)
182Trends in international migration
181Legal provision that protect the labour market by limiting the employment of third-country nationals in a member State
171Admission system for labour migration purposes
166Permits to attract highly skilled workers
142Establishment of commercial companies by third country nationals
134Actions/policy measures taken in migration management as the reaction to global crisis
133Policy in respect of migrant workers who are made redundant