15.08.2018 Support measures to facilitate the labour market entry of family members
07.08.2018 Salary criteria (partly an update to the IE AHQ on Minimum annual remuneration threshold)
06.06.2018 Access to general practitioner system for legal migrants
9.02.2018Facilitations and/or restrictions for entry of TCNs from specific regions/countries
29.05.2017Immediate family members applying for asylum at the same time
03.05.2017Policies regarding asylum seekers from Iraq
18.04.2017Terms of residence (and exceptions) for naturalization
10.03.2017Safe countries of origin
07.03.2017Asylum claims based on conversion from Islam to another religion
03.03.2017Return of unaccompanied minors
01.03.2017Implementing Council Directive 2004/82/EC
01.03.2017Implementing Council Directive 2001/51/EC
20.02.2017Selected benefits (retirement benefit, compensation for disabled persons and benefit in material need) for beneficiaries of international protection
13.02.2017The implementation and execution of EU Directives concerning public order or public security
08.02.2017Nepalese, Pakistani and Bangladeshi students
03.02.2017Third-country national au-pairs
24.01.2017Returning Albanian unaccompanied asylum seeking children
01.12.2016Minimum annual remuneration thresholds