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1014Submission of application for temporary residence permit
1013Period of validity of residence permits granted to third country nationals (update to GR EMN NCP Ad-Hoc Query on Duration of Residence Permits)
729Possible changes in the social security concerning the foreigners with residence permit on the grounds
of protection status
724Residence permits for British citizens who are not nationals of the UK
719Establishment of identity in connection with naturalization
709Fees for citizenship application
702Skills Surcharges
696Query on certificate of no criminal order
694Bilateral agreements or other frameworks of cooperation with the non-EU/non-EFTA countries in order to improve recruitment of short-term workers
680Interpretation of article 11(1) of the Directive 2004/38/EC
674National criteria for employers of labour migrants from the third countries
668Long-term residents’ access to the labour market
656Withdrawing temporary and permanent non-asylum residence permits because of issues of public order in other EU member states
648Exemption of fees for Erasmus Mundus and AFS students (only to AT, BE, DE, FI, FR, LU, NL, SE)
640Payment for introducing a residence permit procedure
603Assessment of resources of third-country national applicants
591Settlement under the European Convention on Establishment 1955
581Proof of nationality regarding third-country nationals who apply for a residence permit
580Proof of identity regarding third-country nationals who apply for a residence permit
577Recent or planned developments in the field of identity documents and information systems
573Specific Visa and Residence policy to Chinese Nationals
569Lodging an Application for a Long-Term Residence
568Expulsion of Third-Country Nationals who are Long-Term Residents
559Mode of issuing the identity documents and residence permits
550Residence permits cards and stickers
546Application of article 19bis of Directive 2003/109/EC
543Fees for issuance of residence permits to third-country nationals
528Wealthy Immigrants (update)
495Adaptation Programmes for Newly Arrived Migrants
493Transposition of article 9 par. 2 of the Directive 2008/115/EC
486Administrative capacities pertaining to temporary residence permits
470Issue of “serious diseases threatening public health”
469Different ways of receiving residence permit applications abroad
464Residence requirement for investors
451Sending identity authorizing documents to TCNs and MS citizens
445Counting in the asylum procedure, in case of negative decision, into the period of legal and continuous residence required for granting long-term resident status to third-country nationals (Directive 2003/109/EC) or permanent residence to family members of EU citizens (Directive 2004/38/EC)
438Residence Permit Cards and biometric identifiers
435False and forged documents