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Illegal working
707Existing rules on deprivation of liberty of third-country nationals suspected of staying irregularly in a Member State
703Inspections to control the employment of irregular migrants
676Support to apprehended foreigners for whom detention is not applicable
662Entry bans entered into the SIS and consultation procedures in Member States
637National legal framework concerning the status of stowaways
629Payment of the Costs Associated with (Administrative) Expulsion
626Processing Data on illegal Migration
572The support/accommodation provided to irregularly staying third country nationals
562Measures implemented / planned by EU Mediterranean Member States to prevent irregular migration by means of boats departing from North-Africa
549Implementing tolerated-stay
530Penalties for Employing Illegal Workers
511Communication strategies used for sensitization and prevention campaigns in third countries
475Legal powers to revoke or confiscate the driving licenses of illegal immigrants
467Criminal penalties for illegally entering/staying TCNs update
466Registration of visitors in establishments providing accommodation
345Practical measures for reducing irregular migration
298National definitions of irregular migrants and available data
210Illegal migration in the Mediterranean Sea Basin